St Francis Bay Beach House

This Stunning Beach House nestled in the quaint seaside village of St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape deserved only the best treatment to create a space that focussed on the amazing views and catered for entertaining.

Our FZ-30 frameless stack doors were ideal for maximising the outdoor spaces and giving amazing access to the entertainment areas.

Using the FZ-30 Framless Stacking Doors, we created areas that felt connected, but that could also be closed off and protected from the elements without detracting from the amazing views.

Our White uPVC windows blended seamlessly with the exterior of the building for an elegant and modern finish.

Fitted With Tilt and Turn windows, this corner room is light and airy.

The revolutionary properties of uPVC are resistant to corrosion from sea air, protect against air and water leakage and are secure as well!

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